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Thank you.

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Hello my Splendid & Soulful friends!

It's taken me over a week to gather my words.

To process all of the unimaginable love, support and community that showed up In My Chair.

To every single person who was part of this grand experiment of connection, storytelling and support; and then continued the conversation after the show, Thank you.

Thank you to those who reached out and shared your thoughts, your stories and struggles- hearing your bravery and perseverance made it all worthwhile.

Every word, email, tweet, and message I received has meant the world. If I haven't responded, know that I am in the process of returning the love, and am determined to finish in the next few weeks!

To the numerous women who gathered in groups to attend the show- cisgendered, transgendered, and female identifying THANK YOU!

Keep Gathering!

Once a month,

once a week,

once a year!

Just keep doing it!

I'm convinced the future of humanity depends on women gathering in

groups across racial geographic, socioeconomic, religious and political boundaries!

50/50 by 2020!

To the men who showed up and were part of the conversation THANK YOU!

To those who came to the show and then returned with daughters and sons and friends, thank you!

There's nothing solo about a solo-show.

It took so many inexplicably amazing people, who’s endless hard work, creative input, and belief in the project, made this thing, a thing!

I'm so grateful for every one of you who decided to take this leap with me.

First, thank you to the inimitable, incredible founding Artistic Director of Virginia Repertory Theatre, Bruce Miller who took my meeting & took me seriously. Thank you for believing in my mission and for introducing my idea to the astounding incoming Artistic Director, Nathaniel Shaw.

Nathaniel, your direction, vision, encouragement and extraordinary knowledge of play development has made me grow in ways that I never thought were possible. Thank you.

Thank you to Managing Director and founder of VAREP, Phil Whiteway who listened to my vision with an open heart and mind and said ‘Yes.”

To the remarkable Vivian Kealser who said “Eva, you need to write a show.” Thank you. Thank you. You have been there from the beginning and pushed me till the end. Thank you for believing in me, even when I doubted myself. You changed my life.

To the magnificent Lisa Rothe, for your collaboration, compassion, patience and superb direction. You put on a daily clinic on how to tell stories in the truest, purest way. Thank you for your tireless pursuit of excellence, I am in awe of you and in complete gratitude for stepping aboard this ride with me.

Thank you, thank you to the amazing Cadence Theatre and fearless Artistic Director Anna Senechal Johnson for taking a chance on this project, partnering with VAREP, and trusting that it would all come together. You are a LEADER.

Thank you Alleigh Scantling for your leadership and support gathering the super fantastic production crew you did!

To the prodigy that was my Production Designer, Tennessee Dixon, how can I thank you enough for the beauty that you brought to this project? Your spirit your compassion, your professionalism and preparedness was a dream to work with. Thank you.

To my superb & splendid Stage Manager, Niomi Kaiser, your hard work, diligence, and commitment to excellence. You steered the ship from rough waters off into the sunset. I am so proud of you and inspired to call you my SM. Thank you!

To the unstoppable Assistant Director, Kelsey Schneider, Thank you for your seamless ability to wear so many hats and for your diligence and consistency in updating the script as we shaped the piece over those three and a half weeks in February.

To my sparkling lighting designer Andrew Bonniwell, the detail and nuance, and specificity you brought to every cue was beyond what I would have ever dreamed of. Thank you for all of the late nights you spent with us.

Thank you to the stupendous sound designer Robbie Kinter for bringing the script to audible life, you transported me every night.

To the electric Elizabeth WIlder for hunting and gathering and creating the perfect props. You made it happen! Thank you!

Thank you Sarah Grady, you made me look and feel my best! You’re my first and only personal stylist.

Matt Lehtola, Thank you, your constant positivity and energy every single day was a gift to all of us. You were a treasure to have on this project.

Monique Davis, how ridiculously lucky I was having you backstage with me easing my gitters and warming my heart. I can’t thank you enough for keeping my props in place, in my pocket, around my neck... Thank you.

Courtney Holmes you stepped in and up to the plate every night you were there. Your presence 3and optimism backstage was beyond terrific. THANKS a Mill!

To the astonishingly bright and bold House manager, Sanam Laila Hashemi, Thank you for smoothly & seamlessly guiding audiences in and out of the house, on time - every time.

Thank you Matt Polson for your countless hours of work, film, and friendship.

Thank you to the set builders and painters!

The entire Box office THANK YOU for being so amazing over the phone to patrons! (Janine Serresseque, eternal gratitude for what you did for me today!!!!!)

Thank you Marketing Team, Social Media, Graphic Design & Photographers!

Grazie!! To the Boards of Cadence Theatre and VAREP and all the Donors!

To my sweet dog Olive who settled my nerves, and slept on my belly and rested her chin on my keyboard as I wrote the show. Thank you, you did your job so well.

And to my husband, Scott Wichmann. My love, my best friend. My best editor, my partner in pursuit of creativity and joy. Thank you.

And if you're still reading this, always remember,

You're A LEADER!




Stay tuned for exciting news about what's next for

In My Chair

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