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Welcome to my world!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

It’s grand and glorious to have you here!

I don't know about you,

but I will NOT be manipulated into believing

that people who are different than me

are my enemy. 💘

That being said, I'm nervous about finding a way forward after Election Day.

That's why I've created a space where people can talk to each other.

Below Are Positive Messages from PEOPLE of all walks of life, all over the country, who want to Positively Connect with you!

THIS is the world I choose to live in.🌍

Still here?


At this moment in history the internet doesn't seem to be a place for civil discourse.

Yet it's the only place we have to connect during this pandemic!


Soooo until we can be in the room together

This is a space to break out of your bubble,


and send and receive

Positive Messages from people who you perceive as different or perhaps even ideologically opposed to you.

It's YOU reaching across the chasm to connect and say

"I am human, I am here, please see me."

Super Simple Directions:

Post a positive message using the template below to someone who you perceive to be different than you are. A person who you haven't connected with, perhaps because you fear saying the wrong thing.

By clicking on the card below you can:

1. Print out the PDF or write it on a post-it note!

2. Take a picture of what you wrote and email it to

3. Or post in comments below OR social media with the hashtag #positivepostpal

4. I'll add your post to the gallery!

You can also write yours in the comments below using the same exact prompts.

(Staying consistent and positive here, so please use the structure or else your comment will be fed to a herd of goats.)

-First Name (Your first name- You are free to write Last Name too if you like)

-Dear... (Person or group you perceive is different than you)

-I am a... (Who you identify as)

-It's important for me to positively connect with you because... (Why it's important for you to say something positive to this person)

So, some EXAMPLES I may write are:

Name Eva

Dear Republican friend, family member, or stranger

I am a I'm a Democrat, liberal, Military Spouse.

It's important for me to positively connect with you because there are forces trying to divide us, which is a shame, because You are not my enemy. I want understanding between us. I don't want radical socialism in the same way I don't believe you want extreme fascism. Those are what those darn forces are trying to say about us. We can 100% disagree and have a civil conversation about it. I bet we would agree on so much. If you're ever curious about why I think the way I do, you can ask- I won't judge you. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Dear Black America

I am a white cis-gender woman

It's important for me to positively connect with you because I am in awe of your strength and perseverance and am finally beginning to understand your incredible frustration and anger and discouragement at the gross mistreatment that black lives have always and continue to experience in the USA. I've been unaware of the privileges I've had because of my race until recently and I want you to know I am educating myself to do better. I will be an advocate and ally for change. I will also blow it sometimes. I see you I hear you, I love you.

Dear Muslim & Christian Friends, family, and strangers,

I am Eva, I'm an agnostic, LGBTQ ally.

It's important for me to connect positively with you because I am sometimes afraid of your beliefs and I want to understand and hear what you have to say instead of taking it in through hearsay. I want to unite and befriend you. I wish only for peace and understanding. Wouldn't it be great for all of us to soon sit at a table and share a fantastic meal together, so we can experience each other's capacity to love and connect? I'm happy to cook when that day happens! Maybe it could work on zoom? Email me if interested.

Dear White, Cis- gender, straight men

I am a white, cis-gendered, feminist woman

It's important for me to positively connect with you because You are my family, my friends, and strangers and I want to share the table with you, I don't want to fear you, I love you. There are forces that are trying to divide us by using the term feminist against me. I believe women should have equality, in society, culture, workforce and especially in government representation. Equal to, not above you. I believe we can find a way forward together, all of us, all races and gender identities and I can't wait to see how we all grow as we lean into the discomfort of discussing very hard topics in a civil way. It's ok if we get angry at each other, anger is healthy, we can resolve it by hearing each other out and understanding our differences. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

I recognize that none of the groups I am speaking to are a monolith.

Billions of individuals make up these groups, each with their own thoughts, dreams, ideas.

But forces outside us are trying to control the narrative about what we should think and feel about each other, and I am taking back control.

Listen, there are a million reasons I can think of to

chicken-out and not publish this blog post.

People will think that I'm corny, cheesy, or stupid

People will get defensive.

Trolls will descend upon me.

People will get snarky.

People will get mean.

People will think I'm a Pollyana

People are too afraid to say the wrong thing.

People are just too angry to communicate now.

It will fail.


But, if we can start a teeny tiny ripple of positivity,

I know that ripple will reverberate around the world.

Begin one conversation.

It may just evolve into a revolution

This is it.

We get one shot at this world.

I look forward to sharing the love



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