In My Chair, NYC

Dear magnificent friends,

My wise and wonderful Mom, Mary Alice has always said

Go as far as you can go, and once you get there,

go further.

I beat myself up sometimes because I feel like everything takes me longer than it does “other people.”

Well, it may take me longer, but I get there... eventually.

I had the time of my life last week performing a slice of my show, In My Chair at Manhattan Theatre Club's Creative Studio for an audience of producers, movers, shakers and influencers.

Thank you all so much for coming!!

Me between two superb Leaders, Rachel Dilliplane and Victoria Weinberg: Photo courtesy of Rachel

AND, my heart is bursting from all of you who reached out and cheered me on and wished me well from near and far! It all made a difference.

I'm not going to lie, the thought of doing crowd interaction with a room full of producers had me sweatin' a bit, but when two brave women volunteered to stand up and shout,

"I'm a leader!"

The audience answered back

"We Support You!"

and NYC embraced it.

In My Chair written/performed by Eva DeVirgilis directed by Lisa Rothe

I'm yet to find a room that is too jaded, too cool, too world weary to embrace earnest connection and support. In fact, I think it's the infusion of hope we need to hear.

Thank you Virginia Rep and Nathaniel Shaw for continuing to supporting me on this great venture.

I couldn’t have asked to be surrounded by better leaders than Victoria Weinberg and Rachel Dilliplane; You both created such a warm, supportive, feel-good vibe that allowed for creativity, connection, and imagination to thrive.

And finally, thank you to Heidi Shrek for your superb solo-show