Eva empowers thought leaders to communicate to their highest potential. She doesn’t just theorize about performance-- she brings twenty years of experience in film, television, theatre and stand-up comedy to the table to help you find the creative, dynamic, passionate speaker within you.


Two decades in show business has taught Eva one practical, essential truth: There is simply no substitute for stage time.


Eva has travelled the globe as a public speaker, providing high frequency communication consulting to business executives, leaders, authors, medical professionals and MBA programs. She has led numerous personal development sessions for Fortune 500 companies.

And now she wants to help you tell your story.


Motto: “Be more interested in growth than comfort.”

Communication Consulting  

You’ve got this ...

Unleash the dynamic presentation inside you

Using your STORY, a simple STRUCTURE &  your  STRENGTHS



 We’ll cultivate your MESSAGE,  

Create compelling CONTENT, 

Rehearse impactful PHYSICALITY,

& compose the most effective DELIVERY of your piece.  


 YOU WILL walk away feeling confident, prepared and ready to inspire!


(It's kind of my obsession to get you there.)


Group, private, and zoom sessions available.

Session Topics 


Being an engaging speaker takes guts. In this high-energy, interactive talk, Eva DeVirgilis shows you how to write and deliver dynamic, courageous and powerful presentations. Learn Eva’s five-step process to unlocking a stress-free structure which allows you to drill down to the essence of the message you want to convey.

Walk away with practical tools and formulas to activate your leadership potential so you can compel your audience to action, every single time.


Whether you want one or not, you have a personal brand. In this session Eva DeVirgilis shows you how to manage your brand, creating a deeper, more meaningful impact. Session exercises will encourage participants to play to the top of their intelligence and integrity while providing the tools to pivot, rebound and rebrand successfully and in a genuine way.  

Outstanding! We are presenting this week and her workshop was just over the top perfect for meHighly recommended her to my team!  She should be invited back annually!

 'Discover the Greatness Within' 

VCU Staff Senate 

Development Conference 

I love how Eva Connects with an audience and makes her message clear. Little did I know how much coaching this took to achieve.  With professionalism and enthusiasm  she guided me through the art of public speaking

Nina McKissock, Author

From Sun to Sun

 Eva captured the audience’s attention right away. She was a savvy, 

inspiring presenter on the topic of Public Speaking!

Faith Havran,

American Cancer Society

Patient Resource Navigator

I still keep the notes I took in your Presentation workshop on my board for everyday use in sales. Truly, your talk inspired me to really think about how I present, it's the core of how to have an engaging sales call. 

Katie Benson, Executive Team

Virginia Cancer Patient Navigator Network

DeVirgilis is the onstage powerhouse who helms one-woman shows and TEDx talks with the ease of Steve Nash at the free-throw line.

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