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Positive  Post  Project

I don't know about you, but I will NOT be manipulated into believing
that people who are different than me
are my enemy. 

At this moment in history the internet unfortunately isn't a place for civil discourse

So, I need YOU to help me find a way forward.

I'm asking everyone I meet to write a Positive Posts Message to someone whose ideas are diametrically opposed
or someone outside your bubble who you're afraid to speak to-
out of fear, habit, or bias
Write it now! 
Take a picture of your positive message and post it to social media using #PositivePostPal

THIS is the world we choose to live in
THIS is the hope we choose to have 🌍
This is the work.

Join us

**Click here for super simple directions




Print out the Positive Post Pal below or just write the prompts on a post-it note then email me or post to social media #positivepostpal

Positive Post Pal
Eva DeVirgilis in Malaysia with Positive Posts

Actor, TEDx Speaker, Eva DeVirgilis created the Positive Post Project in order to get out of her information bubble, put aside her internal bias and have spontaneous moments of authentic connection with people across political, racial, religious and gender spectrums. She learned that one positive and kind act can cause a ripple that reverberates around the world. #positivepostpal

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