I don't know about you, but I will NOT be manipulated into believing

that people who are different than me

are my enemy. 


At this moment in history the internet unfortunately isn't a place for civil discourse


So, I need YOU to help me find a way forward.

I'm asking everyone I meet to write a Positive Message to someone whose ideas are diametrically opposed

or someone outside your bubble who you're afraid to speak to-

out of fear, habit, or yes... even ignorance.

Write it now! 

Take a picture of your positive message and email it to me eva@evadevirgilis.com

Or post it to social media using #PositivePostPal

THIS is the world we choose to live in

THIS is the hope we choose to have 🌍
This is the work.

Join us

**Click here for super simple directions




Print out the Positive Post Pal below or just write the prompts on a post-it note then email me or post to social media #positivepostpal

Positive Post Pal