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Eva DeVirgilis's Solo Show, In My Chai

"The show is genius... fresh, timely, and thought-provoking"    Richmond Family Magazine


"It's a participatory theatrical event that takes its audience around the world on the journey of a lifetime...performed to glorious perfection by the brilliant DeVirgilis." 

"Heartfelt, gripping, hilarious
                                       - Boomer Magazine

In her powerful and critically acclaimed solo show, In My Chair, Eva DeVirgilis holds a mirror up to beauty standards, double standards, and the standard patriarchal rubbish facing us today, offering her fresh and funny voice to the global conversation with and about women.

Based on interviews with women in eight countries,
In My Chair sends DeVirgilis to Malaysia, Thailand, Ireland, China, Nevis and other far-off locales. Along the way, DeVirgilis explores the roots of her own crippling self-doubt and anxiety, and reconnects with her explosive inner child.

Far from a typical solo show, DeVirgilis creates a safe, spontaneous space filled with genuine, authentic connection and heartfelt dialogue.

When DeVirgilis doesn’t have an answer she turns to the audience for help, inspiring the audience to chant, cheer, and do the wave (of feminism.) Laugh, cry and feel more connected with women in the room and around the world. In My Chair shows us all how a space the size of a chair can transform into a place for all to flourish. 

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