• Eva

Olive You.

Olive running to Venice Dog Beach. The happiest place on earth.

Olive is gone.

On Christmas Eve she peacefully passed away … too soon. But my God she changed my life.

Olive was my first dog.

I was 34 when I got her. I didn't grow up with a dog or cat, so I'll be honest, writing this tribute seems indulgent- almost embarrassing. Countless others have gone through this kind of loss quietly, privately. Am I over-reacting?

I wanted a dog my whole life but because of my gypsy lifestyle in NYC, always having to sublet my apt for gigs for over a decade, I waited.

4½ years ago when my husband Scott deployed to Africa for a year with the Navy -He encouraged me to get a dog to keep me company while he was away.

I began the search to adopt ... But I still didn’t know if I was ready.

I thought maybe I was too selfish, too busy, too strapped for money to take care of another creature.

Olive proved me wrong.

I couldn't have gotten through the deployment without her.

Before & After the amazing Bald is Beautiful Rescue Organization took Olive in.

I went from being anxious, worried and depressed to channeling my

energy and love to a 6 lbs, toothless, toy poodle who was freed by the amazing 'Bald Is Beautiful Dog Rescue' organization. She had been kept in a small cage with three other dogs for six years at a puppy mill in NC.

The puppy mill where she lived for 6 years.

Olive taught me to be present, she reminded me that PLAY is IMPORTANT,

she made me appreciate the moment, laugh out loud again, and howl when happy.