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Colorism, Snails & Politics

Colorism: Prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.

* * *

I was thrilled when I landed in Southeast Asia.

I couldn't wait to get off the plane and explore the exotic landscape, the rich, ancient cultures, and of course the food.

But as soon as I de-boarded, the ever-present Beauty Standards smacked me in the face.

I was greeted by an infinite number of advertisements in the airport, on billboards along the highway and on the railway for

Snail White, a brand of Skin-bleaching creams, soaps, and masks that contain snail secretions and skin-whitening ingredients.

Yes, snail secretions

Snail White in the Train Station. Photo: Matt Polson

This destructive beauty standard is not just in Asia, it is very much alive around the world. Including the U.S.

One of the most famous brands of bleaching creams on the market is Fair and Lovely which claims that it's:

"Proven to expertly treat skin fairness problems."

Oh, the irony of that statement .

How is this still a thing, you ask?

Follow the money...

*Hindustan Unilever(HUL), the company that distributes this nonsense, has a net worth of 20 Billion dollars.

*HUL is the Indian branch of a British-Dutch company, who's roots go back to 1888, when crates full of Sunlight soap bars, with the words "Made in England by Lever Brothers" appeared on the shores of India. (This shi#% runs real deep.)

Let's collectively turn our backs on these creams -

And while we're at it-

other miracle serums that promise "YOUTH" and


How about women embrace "PRO-AGING" instead?


So many of the products on the market perpetuate impossible and discriminatory beauty standards which make women feel that we are never, ever, ever, enough.

You ARE enough.

Listen, I sold $400 creams for years while trying to make ends meet. Many of my friends are still selling these creams continuing the "beauty myth" as feminist scholar Naomi Wolf calls it- so this is not easy for me to say these things out loud.

I LOVE beauty products- but the approach to selling them sucks. It chip, chip, chips away at our self-worth.

While we women are wrapped up worrying about reversing the signs of aging, and the amount of melanin in our skin, MEN are deciding the fate of our lives, our health and our rights.

We need Incorruptible, compassionate, intelligent leadership- and unless we get 50% of women into government positions world-wide I do not believe the necessary change will happen.

So wherever you are in the world, ​if you are a woman and ever thought about going into politics, and you care deeply about women's rights, fighting discrimination, purging corruption, and tempering the hyper-masculine egoism running rampant in so many government organizations- now is the time to get involved in politics. We need you.

I support you.

Yes, I went from snails to colorism to expensive creams and then to politics...but it's all connected!

When we finally say "ENOUGH" to crippling societal expectations that exhaust, discourage and shame us; we will be free to make the changes necessary in the world.

I had the opportunity to briefly discuss the complex issue of colorism while in Bangkok on Beauty By Rosh's channel. We took turns interviewing each other!

Rosh is a Sri Lankan Beauty blogger, youtuber and writer. You can find her work on The Huffington Post, Vogue India and many other websites and magazines.

Be sure to follow her blog, she is a force to be reckoned with!

Enjoy the video!

Thank you so much for reading and following my journey!


*Referenced Source:

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