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Really Great Britain

I daresay Britain was sublime.

How the devil did I fit it all in? First I took in two extraordinary shows at Shakespeare Globe in London, TWELFTH NIGHT and KING LEAR!

(Still seems like a dream to have seen the insanely talented and accomplished Kevin McNally --Who I first met on the set and played opposite of onTURN;WASHINGTON'S SPIES-- in the final dress rehearsal of LEAR in which he brilliantly executed the title role. What a GENEROUS SOUL as well as a hell of a GREAT actor.)

Next I boarded a train to the southern coast and was soooo lucky to celebrate PRIDE in Brighton with my hosts!

Then it was down to business. I began by interviewing the famous scholar, feminist, rockstar and head of gender studies at University of Sussex- Professor Alison Phipps.

(Cue throngs of women chanting "Phipps, Phipps, Phipps!")

Follow her revolution @alisonphipps (She has an official blue tick next to her name!)

My next interview was 'Professor Fun' himself Ben Fincham who recently published a revolutionary book calledTHE SOCIOLOGY OF FUN. Fincham also specializes on the topics of gender and masculinity at the University of Sussex.

Next in my chair was the incredibly wise, intuitive, beautiful and compassionate Clinical Psychologist Bree MacDonald.

Bree and Ben happen to be married to each other and to no surprise they have the most precocious, fun, and compassionate kids you could ever imagine exists.

After a wonderful enlightening and honest session with Bree, I was whisked away to an amazing gathering of more genius women where we discussed the issues affecting us-- and then, feeling more and more at home in Britain by the moment, I thought:

“Dash it, straight into my chair with the lot of them!”

I was also thrilled to be able to schedule an interview (and one or two pineapple drinks) with groundbreaking performing artist

Victoria is the author and performer of a hilarious, poignant work called HAIR PEACE, a solo show documenting the DNA testing she did on her hair extensions and the search to find the women who matched! She wrote a show about that very journey... soooo, yeah, we had a lot to talk about!!

(BTW: Victoria’s work was introduced to me by Rachel Chavkin, Tony nominated director of Natasha, Pierre, & The Great Comet of 1812, So let’s say she comes highly recommended.)

It was damned hard to say goodbye to Brighton after all that, but, I daresay the trip to the UK has taught me that one must face what comes next with a straight back and a stiff upper lip.

Let’s carry on, shall we??

From there, it was back to London where I spent a heartfelt, humbling afternoon at Guy's Hospital assisting in a Look Good Feel Better UK makeup tutorial workshop for women undergoing chemotherapy.

I experienced invaluable and profound perspective that day and will carry the lesson of gratitude with me throughout my journey-- and for the rest of my life.

Remember that Google hiccup that happened a few weeks ago? A man was fired for his rant about how women are weakening the competitiveness of Google in the tech race? It was the day before I had a planned visit to interview with women in tech in the London office..

Google notified me at the last minute that our cameras and chair would be denied access, but lucky for me I know someone! My oldest, bestest, smartest, friend Steve Bassman was working at the London office that week and did not deny me of the famous Google Lunch. Yes, it's all free and yes, it's bloody amazing.

So now, if you haven't already, please enjoy the little teaser of a few other fab things and thoughts that the magnificent Matt Polson happened to catch in a fleeting moment and put together (like the pro that he is.)

As always, a million ‘Thank You's to Virginia Repertory Theatre for supporting this journey to connect women everywhere!

(And one last shout-out in particular: to Ben Fincham & Bree MacDonald and their wonderful children, Nancy and Joshua: Thank You so much for Brighton-ing my life! You are all treasures!)

Cheers and cheerio beauties!

Stay tuned for Malaysia!


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