• Eva

Really Great Britain

I daresay Britain was sublime.

How the devil did I fit it all in? First I took in two extraordinary shows at Shakespeare Globe in London, TWELFTH NIGHT and KING LEAR!

(Still seems like a dream to have seen the insanely talented and accomplished Kevin McNally --Who I first met on the set and played opposite of onTURN;WASHINGTON'S SPIES-- in the final dress rehearsal of LEAR in which he brilliantly executed the title role. What a GENEROUS SOUL as well as a hell of a GREAT actor.)

Next I boarded a train to the southern coast and was soooo lucky to celebrate PRIDE in Brighton with my hosts!

Then it was down to business. I began by interviewing the famous scholar, feminist, rockstar and head of gender studies at University of Sussex- Professor Alison Phipps.

(Cue throngs of women chanting "Phipps, Phipps, Phipps!")

Follow her revolution @alisonphipps (She has an official blue tick next to her name!)

My next interview was 'Professor Fun' himself Ben Fincham who recently published a revolutionary book calledTHE SOCIOLOGY OF FUN. Fincham also specializes on the topics of gender and masculinity at the University of Sussex.

Next in my chair was the incredibly wise, intuitive, beautiful and compassionate Clinical Psychologist Bree MacDonald.