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          I'm  Eva !

I'm an advocate for women and girls

dedicated to creating a culture of

support, self-acceptance & speaking out! 

No Apologies!

Not Sorry- Eva DeVirgilis
Eva DeVirgilis Speaker Artist Advocate for Women

Connecting, Inspiring, Empowering,  

No Apologies

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Communicate to your highest potential

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Actor, Writer, Performer

Eva DeVirgilis' one-woman-show

that started a

No Apology Revolution 

Need an on-demand coach 24-7?
This is the ULTIMATE all-access-speaker support! Consider me your personal assistant for creative inspiration. 

Monthly Subscription includes: 
      - One 60-min session per month. 
     - Up to three 15-min phone or text support sessions per m
onth to
        cultivate stories, structure, brainstorm or bounce ideas around

        before your next meeting, presentation or pitch. 
     - Unlimited encouragement! 

     - Eva's Essential Speaker Pac
     - Guided Relaxation & meditations 
     - Develop your style, rhythm and brand 
    - Open & honest feedback, connection & support  

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