• Eva DeVirgilis

Sensitive Stuff

Hello Beauteous friends,

This video is how I felt in this moment, on the planet Earth, Latitude 3.2379° N, Longitude 101.6840° E​

This is sensitive stuff for me so I really hope you don't take offense at my candor, it's my own crap.

I am sharing because I have both an incessant curiosity about it, and I STRUGGLE with this fact; that despite being a healthy, educated, and privileged woman who speaks publicly about female empowerment & self-acceptance; I still hold myself up to impossible beauty standards.

So here it is... because as I forge ahead on this journey I continue to believe if I get real honest and share my STORY, my STRUGGLE and my STRENGTHS with the world

then I grow.

Thanks for watching.

**BTW I am talking about the second half of this vlog. I feel absolutely no ambiguity or confusion when I speak about the white supremacists in Charlottesville.


Stay tuned for My Moment in Bangkok

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